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Friday, December 23, 2011

How To Start An Airsoft Team

It's one of the most frequently asked questions by people in the airsoft
community. How do I start and maintain a successful airsoft team?!

Well, you can stop searching the internet for your answer because we
are going to give you the most important tips for getting your airsoft
team off the ground and on the map!

Do I Need To Start An Airsft Team?
This is the first question you need to ask yourself. If you are new to
the game, too busy, or don't play airsoft all that often than most
likely you don't need to start a team. It may also be a better choice
for you to join a team that's already established and currently playing
airsoft in your area. You can check our groups 
to see if there are any teams near you. Now, if either of what I said
doesn't apply to you and you NEED to start your airsoft team, keep in
mind it will take some time and endurance. Just be persistent and you'll
start to see results. Keep reading!

Your Team Name And Image
If you are the captain, boss, leader, or "Don" of the team, it's up to
you to name your team. Now, if you are starting the team with some
friends you might want to get some ideas from them as well so you don't
ruffle any feathers during the teams first big decision. The name,
usually, is what will initially attract people to your team. If your
team is "Basket Weavers", people may have to wait and watch you play
before they start taking you seriously. You should also come up with
something a little more creative than the usual "Bravo Company" or
"Ghost Squadron". Make the team name relevant and interesting. You can
look online for ideas and inspiration about naming your team. When you
come up with something you like, wait on it for a couple of days and
then see if you still like it. If you do, awesome! Congratulations, you
just named your airsoft team!

You don't need a team logo or image right away but when the time comes
to make some patches, keep these tips in mind. The image you choose for
your team should be simple and relevant. The reason you want it to be
simple is because if later on you decide to have patches made, it will
be a lot easier for you to have them done and they may turn out better. A
patch that has too much on it could end up being distracting and
annoying to other players trying to identify you and your team. Keep
that in mind and draw out a couple of designs. See which one you like
the best and stick with it!

Membership And Recruitment
It's a good idea to start your team small with about 2-4 members. This
will improve your chances of actually getting out and playing as a team
instead of running solo. 4 people's schedules are a lot easier to manage
than 6 or 7. I would start with friends. They are great people to turn
to when starting an airsoft team because you already have a reputation
with them, you may already work well with them and plus it will make
playing the game all that more fun.

Don't worry about gaining a lot of numbers quickly!
Great teams  don't happen over night. It takes time. Sometimes even years. If you
focus on getting numbers quickly, you'll wind up getting frustrated and
may wind up quitting all together. Keep playing and having fun with the
game and as you're playing keep organizing your team and motivating your

Now, whichever structure you wish to follow (real military ranks, custom
ones, no ranks at all, etc.) is completely up to you. It's your team.
Just make sure you stick with your decision. Too much inconsistency will
upset members and frustrate your team.

Gameplay Consistency
This could be one of the most important part of your airsoft
team. The more often you get out there and play with your team the
better you will get, the more people will see you and show an interest
in your team and the better reputation you will get... that is if you
play fairly and honorably.

Pilgrims Airsoft
Your team should be out playing at least once a month. You should be
playing more than that, but if schedules are too tight and everyone on
your team us extremely busy, once a month should do just fine.

You should also be attending local airsoft events and operations to help
the local airsoft community out. People want to be a part of an active
airsoft team and if they see your team at games, events and ops, they
will show interest in joining your team.

Honor And Respect
In the airsoft community, these are vital to maintain. When your team
goes out and plays, it's important to stay honorable and call all of
your hits. Be respectful of other teams and players on the field. Never
start an argument on the field and never play "shady". If you play
honorably, your team will follow. Also, if one of your teammates is
causing your team to lose honor, you may have to remove them. It sucks,
but it will be better for the team.

Team Promotion And Tid-Bits
If you want your team to get out there and be known, it's a good idea to
invest in at least 1 action camera. This will allow you to record and
upload game play footage and display it on media sites such as Regroup, Bursa-airsoft, Facebook,
YouTube or Vimeo. This lets other people see your skills and generates
interest for your team. It's a good idea to do other videos showing
members of your team and explanations of current load outs and airsoft
equipment used.

Create a Facebook page about your team and start to get people to "Like"
your page. Nowadays, you don't even need a website to show off your
teams pictures and videos. Just use Facebook and possibly Twitter! Plus,
they are free and easy to set up!

Your team should eventually all migrate to a similar style load out. It
helps you recognize teammates on the field and helps others identify
your team when playing with you. Plus, it makes your team look pretty

Well, that's it! I hope this has helped you and we can't wait to see
your team start up! Don't forget to post your newly founded team on our
forums so others can find you and potentially try out for your team!
Good luck!

Thanks to 

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