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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prophet salalahu alayhi wasallam & The bee

It is recorded in the Mathnawi of Mevlana Jalaluddeen Rumi that one day the Holy Prophet salalahu alayhi wslm asked the bee as to how they make honey,so the bee replied that they go out to garden and collect nectar from the flowers in their mouths and fly back to the hive and release it and that becomes honey. The Holy Prophet salalahu alayhi wslm then said to the bee but nectars have differant tastes some are bitter some are sour but how does it become so sweet? The bee replied "Allah has taught us after collecting the necter to recite durood upon you until we reach our hive so the sweetness in the honey is the barkat of the durood we recite upon you that turns something so bitter into such sweetness "

Inshallah our hearts become sweeter than honey when we recite Salawat on this blessed night!

Eid milaad un nabi Mubarak

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